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Who Can Benefit from MLD?

Most people can benefit from MLD, because it helps the lymphatic system to work efficiently. MLD can reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. It speeds up recovery time from illness or surgery. Even if you are healthy or haven't undergone a surgical procedure, MLD helps remove excess toxins and fluids, and promotes a general sense of well being.


If you experience fatigue, poor sleep, swollen lymph nodes, or swelling in your arms, legs, or abdomen, you may benefit from MLD. Prior to your first visit, I ask you to complete a medical form to assess whether or not MLD is appropriate to you.


Some Examples of What MLD Can Help With:



Pre surgery

Post surgery





Torn muscle fibres


Scar tissue


In Summary, MLD Can:

  • ​Encourage the immune system to function better by clearing the lymph nodes and helping the lymph to flow

  • Enable Better Sleep

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Relieve congestion in targeted areas

  • Help prevent long-term lymphoedema

  • Reduce swelling in legs, arms, and torso

  • Promote quicker healing after surgery

  • Help repair torn muscle fibres more quickly

  • Promote relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing

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